September 29 – October 1, 2017

POMADA is a queer culture festival which takes place in Warsaw for the seventh time. It is an independent initiative organized by artists, curators, producers, enthusiasts of nonheteronormative mazes of human desire and anyone who wants to participate. It includes an exhibition, performances, concerts, film screenings and parties.

Since 2010 we have been inviting people to nonheteronormative meetings. We discuss the body, sexuality, alternative family concepts, functioning in the public sphere, the media, queer spirituality. This year the slogan SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPES takes us to the past and to the future, which both require some thorough queering.

Does Poland have any queer heritage and if so, what is it? Who are our queer ancestors? Can history help us create a different future? We will try to find answers to these questions during three intensive days in the course of which you will be able to attend, among other events, the Heritage exhibition where 19th and 20th century writers, secret revolutionaries, contemporary and past artists will reveal stories which the Polish society – shamed – blocked out. Karol Szymanowski’s music will liven up Królikarnia – an 18th century palace. Videotapes, brought to Poland by the neo avant-garde artist Krzysztof Jung in the 1980s, will inspire the performative night meeting with porn. In order to present the practices of queering history we will show, for the first time in Poland, films by Colombian artist Carlos Motta. During POMADA’s final evening artists from Warsaw and Berlin will present, during their dance concert Make Queer the Future Again, fragments of their works from the past and the future, concerning time, history and provisional utopias. As always, we also invite you to the legendary party GANC POMADA!

Will we recognize queer when it returns?

The current situation in Poland – governed by a populist-rightist party, which has been continuously attempting at curtailing civil rights – is resulting in a clear violation of democratic liberties, which also directly affects the LGBTQ community. It causes us great concern to see growing consent for hate speech in the public sphere, most often targeted against minorities. At the same time, the authorities have been making attempts at manipulating history, writing it anew, with voices of nonheteronormative individuals or movements being not so much marginalized, as completely ignored.

So let’s write our own history, let’s take action, be together!