The Functional House, ul. Jakubowska 16

Night with Videotapes

Public porn watching basically does not happen, and if it does, it certainly does not in Poland. But it is exactly this kind of approach to adult movies that is promoted by the collection of VHS cassettes owned by the painter, draftsman and performer Krzysztof Jung, since recently under the care of Queer Archives Institute.

The artist’s life, appearing only in innuendo and gossip, does not become the context for the analysis of his works. Dirty tapes – and gay ones to boot! – are like evidence in a case, a repressed element of crime.

The memories of collective porn watching that Jung used to arrange in the 1980s serve as inspiration for a performative night meeting with pornography and art. On the three floors of Functional House artists will ask questions about truth and lies in sex on videotapes.

The installations by Michał Borczuch and Sonia Milch, who take up the subject of porn heritage, will transport us into contemporary digital reality. The artists will take a look at our voyeurism, the dominating role of looking, the hierarchical relationship between the eye-subject and the body-object.

Does porn – watched in secret, behind closed doors or in underground sex clubs – represent unwanted heritage? Should we be ashamed of it?

Artists: Adam Adach, Małga Kubiak, Sonia Milch, Karol Radziszewski, Michał Borczuch with Dominika Biernat, Mirek Burkot, Michał Dobrucki and  Jacek Poniedziałek

Set Design: Bracia (Aga Klepacka & Maciej Chorąży)

September 30, 2017
11 pm
Functional House
Jakubowska 16, Warsaw

Free admission
Adults only



Krzysztof Jung’s videotapes collection
Courtesy of the Queer Archives Institute