Komuna // Warszawa, Lubelska 30/32 Street

Make Queer Future Again: A Concert of Dance

“Life, my dear, lasts as long as a dance!” During the final evening of the 7th edition of POMADA artists from Warsaw and Berlin will present fragments of their works from the past and the future at Komuna// Warszawa.

Queer will appear in their choreographies and performances only briefly: in provisional utopias, distorted chronologies and eccentric economies of time. In bodies that stay ahead of grand narratives. But will we recognize queer when it returns?

Artists: Michał Borczuch, Przemek Kamiński, Ania Nowak, Tucké Royale, Paweł Sakowicz, Dusty Whistles, Melanie Jame Wolf, Marta Ziółek, and others
Curator: Mateusz Szymanówka

October 1, 2017
8:30 pm
Komuna// Warszawa
Lubelska 30/32

Admission free


Michał Borczuch is a theatre director born in Kraków. He graduated from the Graphic Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Theatre Directing at the Academy For Dramatic Arts in Kraków. He currently lives in Warsaw, works mostly in Poland and sometimes abroad.

Przemek Kamiński is a performer and choreographer. He creates and presents his works in both the performing and the visual arts context. He graduated from the HZT Inter-University Centre for Dance in Berlin.

Ania Nowak choreographs bodies, language and situations. Based in Berlin, she is engaged in reimagining sensuality and exploring ambiguity in her artistic practice and production.


Paweł Sakowicz is a choreographer and performer. In 2017 he has been dealing with jumping scores and Fred Herko’s legacy.

Tucké Royale is a theatre maker, author and musician. His solo shows were presented in Germany and abroad. Together with Hans Unstern and Black Cracker he founded BOIBAND. In October he will premiere his revenge musical depicting queer Jewish armed resistance against Nazi Germany.

Melanie Jame Wolf is an artist. She sometimes performs solo and sometimes with friends. In her work she deals with staging and persona, between and across live performance and screen spaces. Her work has been shown in theatre, gallery and film festival venues throughout the EU, UK and Australia.

Marta Ziółek is a choreographer and performer. She graduated from Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in the Humanities (MISH) at the University of Warsaw and from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Her work deals with pop culture and new technologies, identity and new rituals as well as with exploring the borders between visual arts, performance art and choreography.

Mateusz Szymanówka is a dramaturge and curator in the field of contemporary performance, dance and choreography. He collaborates with artists and institutions. He lives in the Berlin-Warszawa-Express. He is easily moved by synchronised dancing.



Fred Herko, Binghamton Birdie, 1963

photo by Al Giese, courtesy Judson Memorial Church Archive, Fales Library, New York University